Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Halo's parade debut! We're riding in the Texas Independence Day Parade, which promises to have lots of scary things like bands, giant flags, and shooting. I'm hoping there will be pictures - I think some of my friends are coming, but I'm not sure who is bringing cameras.

Let's hope the de-spooking work pays off!

In other news, Halo is doing well in training. We're having an awkward time transitioning from the sidepull to the snaffle, but it's mostly because I haven't been riding enough. I've decided that I must devote at least one weeknight every week to come out and ride. Just riding on the weekends isn't enough (I'm sure you're all saying "duh" right now).

I sold my hunt seat saddle and am now on a quest to find a new one that will accommodate Halo's wide shoulders. Hopefully we can find a good one before show season starts in May.

Pics will be up after the parade!

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