Monday, February 22, 2010

De-spooking Clinic

I'm behind on posting, but only because I've been doing so much with my horse! We did a de-spooking clinic last Saturday, and Halo was great. We spent a couple of hours in the morning going through all the obstacles on foot, and then we rode the course (timed) in the afternoon. I didn't really take part in the timing aspect of it - I wanted slow, steady, and accurate to be our goals. She didn't refuse a single obstacle! The only ones we didn't complete were carrying a board around a barrel (she doesn't neck rein, so it was hard to hold onto everything at once), and sidepassing over a board (because I haven't taught her to sidepass under saddle yet). I'm so proud of my girl!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Looks like a great clinic and a great time. I wish someone would set up one of those around where I live. I've had to explain to other horse people what I am doing when they see me doing odd things like rolling a ball at my horses or shaking a hula hoop at them.

spazfilly said...

It was a ton of fun! I'm lucky to be at a barn where we have a lot of activities going on, and lots of opportunity to do things like this. I wish I'd gotten pictures of all the obstacles.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - you've got a nice, calm horse there - you're lucky (and the work you've done is paying off)!