Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last weekend was very frustrating with Halo. I'll go into it in more detail once I have the pictures to post with the entry. I have my work cut out for me this Spring/Summer, and it is disheartening to realize how unfit I am. The bad days with Halo make me question whether I am doing the right thing for her, or if I should send her out for a month or two of professional training. It would be hard on my budget, but what's right for her is the more important thing.

Now that it is Spring, the horses are turned out in the big pasture most days. The one that Halo gets to go in has a pond, and according to the barn owner she's in and out of it all the time. She sent me this picture a few days ago.

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Big Red Mare said...

Don't get discouraged. I used to get home and sob over how horrible my rides were on Bre for the reasons you mention. Riding her stressed me out to no end but before I knew it it was all I wanted to do. Wait until you get to the canter in the area stage. That is the worst.