Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wet Feet

Casi got a new iPod nano with video capability for Christmas, and I had her take a few silly videos at the barn to try it out. Here you can witness the epic battle over puddle crossing! She goes well the first time, just getting her feet damp, but insists on taking a flying leap over the deeper part. Silly pony! I'm hoping to get Casi out to take more videos to add another dimension to how I'm tracking my progress.

I rode last Sunday, but it was very gusty out, so it wasn't the best ride. I longed, spent some time working with Halo on steering with the bit, and then got on with the bit in her mouth for the first time. She's still learning how to deal with the bit, but since we were in the round pen there wasn't far for her to go.

I realized that it is absolutely imperative that I start RIDING and not just meandering around on Halo. I was hoping it would stay dry so that this coming weekend I could spend some time in the outdoor arena doing some serious trot work, and maybe even considering loping, but it's supposed to rain again for the next few days. I am so sick of rain! I know we needed it because of the drought, but it sure is screwing up my riding plans.

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