Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pictures From a Ride

These pictures are from our third trail ride sometime in mid-December (pre-accident).

Halo has filled out a lot over the winter, and I can't wait to see what she looks like under all the winter fuzz. She's standing a little funny in this picture, but you can see what a nice strong hip she's developed.

Here we are out on the trail, or in the middle of a field, rather. This is the thrilled poneh expression you get when you take a filly away from her food.

Nom nom nom

Sadly my head didn't quite make it into this shot...

Halo and Salty are watching some falconers out in one of the hayfields. Salty and his owner are wonderful to ride with, as Salty is a quiet older horse who is very seasoned on the trails. He is not bothered at all by Halo's occasional goofy antics.

My view from Halo's back as she watches the falcon.

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Arallyn said...

Hey! She's not so funky lookin' anymore!

For the middle of winter, she doesn't look terribly fuzzy. My friends' horses up here have all sprouted winter coats like mutant giant Shetland ponies. Looooong hair.