Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why is it Always Windy on the Weekends?!

We had a lovely warm week last week that suddenly devolved into a frigid and windy hell on Saturday. Upon waking I could hear the wind smacking tree branches against our house and sending up flurries of dead leaves. Great. When it's windy in town, it's usually twice as bad out at the barn.

Characteristic of most windy days when she hasn't been worked in a while, Halo was full of fire and antics on Saturday. I longed her with the bareback pad on, and she decided it was an alien back hugger that was going to suck her kidneys out from above. She doesn't usually buck on the longe line, but she gave it some darn good effort on Saturday!

After her workout she was as placid as ever, and I managed to get some pictures.

You can see her eyeballs are squinted closed; it was because the wind was blowing a fine powder of dirt, dead grass, and manure into our faces. When I took a shower after getting home, I swabbed dead grass (or possible horse-processed grass) out of my ear with a q-tip. And believe me, I wasn't out there rolling around in the hay as some of you might imply!

This picture was taken as I walked back from the car with my camera. Halo is perpetually convinced that if I go to my car and then come back that I am undoubtedly bringing carrots.

It doesn't show much in the pictures, but Miss Halo is starting to shed out, and seems to be darkening a little bit. Her legs especially are a warmer color, and places where she's gotten little nicks out in the pasture are growing in darker. I'm not optimistic that she'll be too dark, but it's exciting that she'll soon leave the near-white behind!

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