Monday, February 23, 2009

Bzz, bzz!

Halo and I have been busy bees this past week. I managed to get her longed several times, bridled her once, trimmed her chin whiskers with the scissors, did some showmanship, and started clipper training.

Since I don't have clippers at the moment I had to get creative with a way to start her clipper training. It actually worked out well, because if I DID have clippers I probably wouldn't want them to get destroyed by a spastic fling of the head while training baby.

She knew something was up as I the mini-massager I got for $10 at Walgreen's. She hoped it was a treat, but should have known better:

I later realized that perhaps this is the most brilliant method of clipper training ever - not only does this thing buzz and make all kinds of noise, but it's much bigger than clippers and also lights up in a scary way. Or at least Halo seemed to think it was scary:

She did the ol' snort'n'blow a couple of times, but overall was pretty trusting of my approach with the massager. I started on her shoulder and neck, and once she stood calmly I turned it off. Eventually I was able to touch it to her cheeks and head, but I didn't try for the most sensitive parts (nose and ears) just yet. I think it will be a few more sessions before she's completely nonchalant about the buzzing.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Don't tell my husband, but I actually do use his electric massager to massage the horses. It actually does relax them.

smottical said...

Wow, I wonder if Halo will get to where she actually likes it after a while!