Friday, February 20, 2009

Halo Has Visitors!

This post is overdue because I didn't have pictures until a couple of days ago, and then work turned into the ninth level of hell. Excuses, excuses. Anyway, a friend of mine from work came out to the barn last Sunday and took some pictures of Halo. First we got her out and cleaned up. Here's miss Halo licking my hand after a good grooming from me and Sioux:

Next I took her up to the arena, showed them her paces in the round pen, and then got her out into the big arena to run around a little bit. I'd worked her the night before, so she was much more interested in scavenging blades of grass than giving us a show. Sioux did get a few good pictures though.

It was nice to have a couple of pictures of me with Halo, since I'm usually the one behind the camera.

Sioux and Ben also asked me how much Halo weighed. Being non-horsey people, they guessed around 350 lbs. We were all surprised though when I checked her with the weight tape and got 821 lbs!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Pretty horse. It's good to find another horsey blogger. Love the name "Spazfilly".

smottical said...

Thank you! I was hoping my filly's spastic antics would be theme enough for this blog, but sometimes she is so mellow there isn't much to write about. Not that I'm complaining...