Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Water Baby

I'm sick! Summer colds are the worst, especially in Texas since it's so stupidly hot outside. Thanks to the mucous rampage occurring in my head I haven't been out to the barn since before the "Bad Boarder" post, but I'm headed out tomorrow.

The big problem at our barn right now is TICKS. Coming from Oregon, I'm not used to bugs as big as small rats being everywhere. Poor Halo has a double earful of ticks right now. Today is going to be a progress check for her since last week I treated her with Ivermectin. She even let me spray some fly spray into her ears, which I could hardly believe. I ordered some spot-treatment to help kill and repel the ticks, so hopefully with that combination arsenal in action she will once again be a happy baby.

One thing that has surprised me about Halo is her affinity for water. The first time I sprayed her, she acted like it was the apocalypse. Every time thereafter, she has seemed to mostly enjoy it. Even when she gets little bumps and scrapes, she stands quietly to be cold-hosed, especially if feed is involved. She likes to drink out of the hose, and play with the water with her lips.

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