Monday, September 20, 2010

So I'm a Slacker...

Poor neglected pony blog!

I doubt anyone is reading this anymore, but if you are, here is the latest news. Halo is doing very well under saddle. Her trot is coming along nicely, and she has a sweet, smooth jog she's starting to give me every so often. The canter is still a bit like riding a jackhammer down a mountain, but it will get there eventually.

Unfortunately, I noticed yesterday that her left eye was bothering her. It was a bit weepy, but just clear discharge. I rode her anyway and had a great ride. If she wasn't seeing fully out of that eye, she didn't act like it. The barn owner got back from a trail ride not long after I untacked Halo. I had her take a look, and she had more success in pulling back the eyelid, and it turns out Halo has a big ulcer in her eye. The eye looks cloudy, and a little bloody, like the injury is also a couple of days old. I hadn't been out in a few days, so nobody had noticed. Argh!

The vet is coming out this morning to take a look and get us some ocular antibiotic ointment. The barn owner had some left over from a different horse's injury, so we dosed her up last night. Poor Halo! I hope that it can be easily treated with ointment and doesn't require anything too complicated to fix. We will do whatever it takes to get her healed up.

Looking at my blog now, I realize that I never posted any pictures of our lake adventures this summer! Shows were all well and good, but we ended up making some of our best summer memories this year at Pace Bend Park. Halo took to the water like a fish.


Anonymous said...

Love the lake pics! Those eye things can be bad - I always have the vet out for any eye injury.

spazfilly said...

Yeah, the barn owner said not to mess around with an eye injury, and I'm all for that. She's supposed to call me with an update from the vet later today. I hope it is nothing too bad!

perplectomy said...

I hope the eye heals quickly.

Your horse is, what, 3? 4? and you can go swimming/riding in a halter and leadrope? That's pretty good; you must have done a good job saddle-breaking her. Looks like fun.

spazfilly said...

Thank you for the compliment! She's 3. The halter was actually easier in the water because I had a very long lead rope that allowed me to swim at a safe distance from her. We didn't do much riding out there other than just hopping on her in the water and splashing around. It was tons of fun!