Monday, April 20, 2009

A Mostly Picture Update

Saturday and Sunday were sharp contrasts at the barn this past weekend. On Saturday I was the lone soul out there post-thunderstorm, the only person crazy enough to come out and groom and work my horse in the lung crushing humidity. On Sunday as I drove in, there were 15 people on a trail ride just arriving back at the barn. Chaos ensued!

I expected Halo to be bratty on Saturday since I hadn't worked her in a few days, but she surprised me by being thoroughly mellow. She seems the most relaxed when it's just me and her out there. There are fewer distractions, which may be part of it. She was muddy, so I spent a long time grooming off mud and shedding hair, and then we went up to the indoor pen for a few pictures and some light exercise. It was still a little too muddy on one side of the pen to work her very hard. I got three pictures that I like in particular:

Isn't she pretty? I'll have details on Sunday later this week, hopefully with pictures to prove that Halo really IS naughty sometimes!

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Leah Fry said...

She really does have a lovely face.