Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October: Month of Leg Injuries

I got a call from the barn owner today letting me know that Halo managed to get herself another wound. It appears that she got kicked in the forearm. The wound is small, but there is some swelling, surely to become more over the next couple of days. Unfortunately, if it continues to swell, it could easily become infected and essentially turn into a puncture wound.

To head off the likelihood of that happening, I got to drive an extra 20 minutes past the barn to go pick up some antibiotics and bute from the vet. We fed her a load of grain with molasses and applesauce to get the meds down her. She was dubious at first, but cleaned her bucket. Hopefully she doesn't wise up on us over the next week or so.

The wound doesn't look too bad, but the potential for swelling is the main concern. She's quite lame on the leg at the trot. Normally I wouldn't worry much about a wound this size, but the barn owner never calls unless she thinks some kind of action should be taken. Since I don't make it out to the barn every day, I'm glad the owner is so attentive and keeps her boarders informed.



Anonymous said...

There probably will be swelling - maybe a lot - and the swelling will move down her leg - sink - over time. Doesn't look too bad so far and it's great that your barn owner notices things like this.

(My word verification was Brega, which is my dog's name!)

spazfilly said...

Ha, that's funny, Kate! Well, about your dog's name, not about the likelihood of swelling here. Sigh. I love how she always gets injured right when I start to think things are going well with her training.