Monday, July 6, 2009

Quick Update

We saw Halo yesterday, and she was doing better. She got out of the hospital Friday night, but went back in on Saturday. Argh. The bills are definitely not good right now - I may be selling my vintage Circle Y show saddle to help recoup some of the costs. I don't need it as much as I need a healthy horse!

She came home again on Saturday night. Their theory is that she had colic on Wednesday, then the stress of being cooped up at the vet gave her some gastric ulcers that caused her discomfort on Saturday. So she's on horsey Maalox for a week. When I saw her yesterday, I was pretty alarmed by how much weight she'd lost. Not that she couldn't have stood to lose a pound or two, but it was a pronounced difference.

Overall she was her usual alert self. We gave her a bath to clean up some of the muck that accumulated in her tail from being at the vet (and all the oil they put in her). She also got about 1/3 flake of alfalfa. The vet wanted her started on alfalfa at first because it helps draw water into the gut to keep things moving through. She should be getting more food as the week progresses, and will hopefully be back to most of a normal diet by next weekend. I'll likely be out tomorrow again, so there will be more updates and pictures then.

Thank you to everyone for your good thoughts!


Leah Fry said...

So glad Halo is doing better. I'm sure it was hard being out of the country, knowing she was in distress.

Congratulations on your wedding! Love the dresses. You look mahvelous, dahling.

Is your husband into horses?

Anonymous said...

Glad Halo is better - I've had a couple of those scary vet clinic visits myself!

I have two horses who are on ulcer treatment for at least the medium term - they're both on U-Gard pellets, which have made a big difference in their comfort and behavior.

Hope all continues to go well!