Monday, June 16, 2008

Evolution of a Filly

To begin, here are the earliest pictures of the Spastic Yellow Filly, now dubbed Halo.

I posted her on the message boards at Fugly Horse of the Day to get some feedback on her conformation. From these pictures, I got the following:

"She has a cute head, not typey, just cute. Throatlatch seems a little thick, but only have one pic to go on. Her neck is short and she has a false ewe neck (you will be able to work w/this when you start to ride her). Her shoulder is an ok angle, a little steep. Back is short/strong, stands downhill like most QHs and has a steep croup (again a QH thing). I would like to see her stifle placed more forward, and she needs more angulation through the gaskin area = somewhat post legged but not too too bad. She does have upright pasterns in the rear, but she is a stock breed...that's just how they come. From the side, her lower legs look clean and straight. Would have to see a head on and rear shot to confirm.

She will not be a big, long moving, slinky horse. She will be a compact mover w/shorter strides. Any horse can do english, she will just look like a QH doing it."

After that I added the pictures that were on her Craigslist ad. She is almost exactly one year old in these pictures, with much less hair.

The reactions to these pictures were somewhat less positive, especially in regard to how spindly and small her legs are.

"The ewe neck is far more pronounced in these photos. It is interesting how she looks a lot more like her brother in these pictures.

Her tiny little feet and long weak pasterns are also more evident. Her shoulder is quite upright and is closed.

Her legs are just so damn fine. Was she all winter fluff in the first photos?

I think she is really lucky she has a pretty face and is a pretty colour."

"I'm okay with her "torso"- shoulder, back, hip, barrel. She lost the pot belly and got more hip on her since the earlier pics. Beyond that... I'm not a fan of her ewe neck, loooong cannons, loooong pasterns, tiny feet/bone (echoing someone else here!), locked-looking stifles, and not terribly attractive face (but hey, her and I have that in common!). I don't think her shoulder is too upright- in the more recent pic, the shadow of where her neck meets her shoulder is much more upright than her actual slope (point of shoulder, which is very obvious, to highest part of her withers).

I'm glad you got her- she looks a lot better already, and it isn't her fault that she shouldn't have been bred. I'm just a little concerned about the long-term soundness of those pasterns, and if anything funny is going on in her stifles."

"I actually love her face... its curious and sweet. She looks like she really appreciates her upgrade in life!
Her pasterns have me concerned also. They look weak and quite long. Her hind end is funny but with regular exersise and feed she should look alot better. As for the ewe neck thats present, I've seen alot of horses compete and do quite well with one. Its alot harder to achieve roundness and collection but it can be done and once they have the muscle developed on their topline its alot easier also.
Good luck with her! I think she's well suited to her new life as a trail horse/pleasure horse! I wouldn't recommend ever jumping her but take it slow and she should be fine for what you want to do."

I agree with some of what they noticed, but I think the way she moves makes up for some of her smaller flaws. The spindly legs are of concern for me as well, but we'll see how she grows into herself. Either way, I see her making a nice pleasure, open show, or 4-H horse someday.


meg said...

I have seen so many awkward-looking one and two year olds. Yeah, she definately does have conformational defects that she wont grow out of. What do you think she might grow into/out of? (no, seriously, I know horses grown into their bodies a lot of the time but I'm clueless as to what defects other than being downhill or back at the knee they can grow into.)

Constance said...

She reminds me of myself in high school -- skinny and pale with long blond hair.

Maybe that's why I think she's pretty.

smottical said...

She already looks a lot different even in the past few weeks since we moved her to the new barn. The things I don't think she'll grow out of: long pasterns, high-set neck, high-set tail, long cannon bones.